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Who We Are


First of all MAF is the soul agent for Quiko Italy products in Egypt Since Quiko corporate was founded in 1968 and completing in 2018 its first 40 years of invention, design and production of gearmotors for automation systems along the furrow of traditional Venetian reliability, entrepreneurial spirit and attention to technological innovation which has made the industries in the North East of Italy leaders in many disparate sectors.

In addition to long experience in manufacturing testifies today the attainment of excellence for the reliability and durability of the numerous products which make up the range offered, with specific attention to the Company mission, which has always been centered on customers’ needs, on anticipating market ideas and on a partnership with its users aimed at offering a suitable product based on specific requirements.

Quality Assurance : if product design and invention are at maximum levels, all product components used must also be at the same level for the final product to be the best on the market from design to manufacturing.

Excellent Materials: Company products have no parts or accessories manufactured with low quality materials, each detail is created without savings on raw material costs or the time needed to attain excellence.

Qualified Technicians: every single component of Quiko automation mechanisms are fully qualified technicians, constantly trained on market needs and on the latest techniques of design and production.

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Qualified Technicians


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